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As an independent AV and IT consultancy, we work alongside our clients to provide strategic consultation, concept designs, technology design, project management and operational support services for your AV/IT landscape.

Utilising our holistic approach, we address all areas of the AV/IT lifecycle, all from a single point of contact.


Digital transformation and digital technologies have become an indispensable part of creating smart buildings that are suitable for modern buildings.

If you are planning a new construction, relocation or modernisation project, we will work with you from the initial building plans, alongside architects and interior designers to create a technology experience which reflects the latest in digital transformation technologies.

We advise you every step of the way, developing technology concepts according to your requirements and planning every element of the roll out alongside your team of suppliers.

If required, we can take care of the complete project management and coordinate all processes of your construction project across all service phases.


We tailor every area of your project to the needs of the users, including developing statement AV technology for welcome spaces, foyers, atriums and networking areas.

We will find the right strategic approach for you and design your custom areas to suit the specific application. Once installed we will work with you to seamlessly integrate the technology and train your teams to ensure maximum impact for the investment.


Creating a standardised approach across your meeting rooms is important to enable ease of use for your workforce. We will work alongside you to create room standards, to suit your virtual meeting platform where applicable, tailoring the technology to create optimal user experience.

By selecting a meeting platform that is universal, we can enable a seamless virtual meeting and collaboration experience for your meeting rooms.


We organise the secure migration to new AV/IT platforms and systems in your company.

Is outdated software limiting your productivity? Do the platforms you use no longer meet the needs and requirements of your employees? Then it’s time to change or introduce additional tools that suit your hybrid workforce, applications and digital transformation objectives. We advise you on the choice of the right software, platforms and hardware to achieve what you need in the office.


We provide complete IT consultancy, looking at all of your operational requirements to create optimised concepts for your service and operations.

We have you to streamline operating procedures, define services and allocate responsibilities for your AV technology, unified communications and IT systems. We put the user at the heart of the project, ensuring all technology selected is optimised to their needs, With our concepts, we optimise these services and operations in your organisation, ensuring user support for high productivity and availability of the technology. In addition, at our macomOperationCenter (mOC), we can also remotely support the operation of your AV/IT systems.

macom LIFECYCLE – 360 degree view of the technology ecosystem

The macom Lifecycle is the core of our design and support philosophy, it encompasses our methodical, holistic approach to all areas of the AV/IT ecosystem. Using our systematic approach, we can keep an eye on all phases of your AV project, from strategy consultation to technology consulting, designs, engineering and delivery of the final solution.

Beyond the specific project, we work in partnership with our clients to continually improve and optimise in a continuous process of adaptation and innovation. We ensure that all aspects of your audio-visual technology solution is perfectly coordinated to exploit its full potential in the long term.

Strategic Consulting
Work and
and Brand
Technology Consulting
and System
New Builds
Service Solutions

The macomBOX – Starting your project

macomBOX translates the phases of the macom Lifecycle into four distinct stages of action whilst providing a clear overview of our modular services. Individual stages include strategic consultation, technology consultation, concept and detailed design, plus engineering delivery and technology management.

We offer different entry points to reflect each client’s unique support and solution criteria. Finally, with the support of our experts you can identify which combination of service and design modules will best meet your individual needs.

Strategic Consulting

A well thought-out AV/IT strategy is essential to ensure the profitable use of technology. Today, the variety of possible applications, technological developments and rapidly evolving user requirements call for specific solutions and regular re-assessment.

We help you identify strategic fields of action, set clear goals and define exact requirements. Based on an analysis of your AV/IT system and your business requirements, we work alongside or help define your digital transformation strategy to develop solid recommendations to aid decision-making to address technological and operational issues.
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Technology Consulting

Our technology consulting and concept development translates your ideas and plans into concepts for technology, standards which can be scaled and a coherent user experience.

We guide you in the goal definition process, the gathering of all user requirements and bring all project participants to the table.
In order to select the best new technologies, consulting begins even before the start of the (construction or installation) project in order to clarify the most important aspects at an early stage and to avoid costly planning mistakes.

Our experts check all AV solutions for user-friendliness, economic efficiency and feasibility, taking into account budgets, resources and schedules.
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Design, Engineering, Delivery

Our engineers take responsibility for the technology design and management of your AV projects, including lighting control and acoustics.

For maximum transparency and safety, the planning process is carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). We cover all service phases from the need evaluation, design and implementation, the invitation to tender to AV integrators or suitable suppliers and awarding of contract, through to project supervision. We coordinate all involved partners and represent your interests within the process. In this way, we ensure that budgets and schedules are adhered to, plus the technology is ready to use and up to date on the day of commissioning.
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Service Solutions

The true value of your audio-visual systems is only realised when you begin to use it. Professional operational management will increase productivity and user satisfaction whilst reducing operational costs.

We can review your service requirements, advise you on the optimisation of existing processes and support you in the introduction of new operating models. Our individual operating concepts ensure efficiency and operational excellence with transparent costs. In our macomOperationCenter (mOC), we offer a complete AV as a service management solution if required, for you to select to outsource ongoing monitoring and service to suit your inhouse resources.