Work Spaces

Digitalisation is permanently changing our working culture and posing new challenges for companies. Mobile, hybrid and collaborative forms of work will shape future working environments.

Digital technologies are thus increasingly becoming a productivity factor in everyday working life. They simplify processes and enable efficient, connected work. In meeting and training rooms, innovation labs, collaboration environments and canteens, audiovisual technology ensures a fast and interactive exchange of information.

We support you in the conception, design and implementation of new working environments in your company and permanently supervise the regular operation in the connected work space.
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Learning Spaces

Whether it‘s interactive presentation technologies in lecture halls, connected seminar rooms, digital boards in classrooms, optimised acoustics, streaming solutions or easy-to-create recordings for e-learning offerings:

Contemporary educational offers and training concepts require constant adaptation to technological developments. Audiovisual technology in universities, schools and educational centres is an essential success factor in the transfer of knowledge in research and teaching and enhances teaching and learning processes.

We develop technical solutions for digital education in modern learning environments, advise you on the creation of innovative teaching formats and secure the operation of the technology economically and long term.
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Brand and Customer Spaces

Modern brand spaces are a USP. They represent places of experience and communication for the emotional transport of the brand. Digitalisation is creating new opportunities to engage with customers.

Audiovisual installations in flagship stores, city showrooms or brand & innovation centres enable innovative brand presentation and arouse the enthusiasm of visitors. Large-scale LED walls, store signage systems or interactive applications enhance new store concepts and combine analogue and digital touchpoints.

We help you create and roll out innovative retail formats and immersive brand experiences across all your locations worldwide and show you how to organise operations and service in your shops efficiently and sustainably.

Hotels and Hospitality

A hotel represents the current state of design, function and lifestyle. The guest is the centre of attention. They can expect a comprehensive range of services for leisure and business stays.

The use of audiovisual technology helps to improve services and increase comfort for customers. Interactive information systems, in-room entertainment or building automation increase the attractiveness and satisfaction of visitors. In addition to event spaces, hotels and restaurants also expand their facilities to include meeting and conference rooms for business customers.

Whether new buildings, conversions, modernisations, luxury or low-budget hotels: we optimise your premises with digital room concepts and AV solutions for maximum cost transparency and efficient operation.
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Cultural and Convention Centres

For cultural and convention centres, audiovisual technology is the basis for the flexible implementation of different event formats. Events are also increasingly taking place in hybrid formats.

Modern event venues such as conference and concert halls, theatres and trade fair complexes must be equipped with modern stage and lighting technology as well as universally applicable sound systems, projection and video technology. In addition, there are requirements for direction and control technology, recording systems, broadcast connections and signal management. Visitors also benefit from digital information and guidance systems.

We plan the necessary technical equipment and design dynamic applicable concepts for your event areas, taking into account all costs incurred. In this way, we guarantee the long-term security of your investment and the performance of your operation.
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