More than 80 AV/IT experts

Our interdisciplinary team of more than 80 experts supports you in the conception, design and implementation of your projects with comprehensive technological expertise, manufacturer-independent consulting and our own intelligent planning methods.

In doing so, we draw on an extensive pool of knowledge from over 25 years of working experience in the AV industry.

macom Blueprints


macom blueprints are preconceived concepts for various application scenarios based on best-practice experience from countless realised projects.

This provides you with an efficient, needs-based and future-proof decision-making basis for further planning and implementation measures.

Technologies know-how and problem-solving skills

Technologies know-how and problem-solving skills

Our engineers have extensive knowledge of products, systems, manufacturers and service providers allowing for an un-biased independent approach to evaluate quality and price.

We will identify the ideal solution for you.

Audiovisual Technology
AV technology is a driver of digitalisation and key to the success of new work, learning and brand spaces. Assuming everything has been planned according to requirements.

Conference and Presentation Technology

Hardware and software for conference and meeting rooms, interference-free transmission of image and sound even in hybrid settings.

Unified Communication

Direct communication between employees, teams, departments and locations, on one single platform, in the cloud or on internal servers.

Collaboration Technology

Collaboration technologies simplify cooperation, open up space for creativity, make processes more flexible, promote innovation and reduce and release frictional losses.

Room and workstation booking

Booking systems for managing space and resources; support for mobile, flexible forms of working.

Digital Signage

Dynamic advertising and infotainment solutions, digital signage, digital information systems and in-house TV – injecting life, involving others, adding emotion and catching the eye.

Interactive Systems

Direct interaction with customers, prospective customers and visitors. User interfaces that are simple to integrate and easy to operate – because they influence the user experience and dictate success.

Digital Reality: VR, AR and MR

Virtual worlds to convey communication concepts and development processes that are very much real – add emotion and underscore the experiential side of product presentations, brand presentations and development.

Smart Buildings

IoT sensors, business process management tools and integrated system architectures form the interface between media and building technology and offer benefits for users and operators.
AV Management
AV management systems: the efficient tool to control, operate, monitor and maintain media rooms and the integrated technology in a resource-saving way.

AV Ressource Management

Provides an overview of the technology deployed and how it is used. Certified standards simplify the management of existing technology and new acquisitions.

AV Control Systems

User interfaces and control screens are central to how well technologies are received – whether they feature voice controls or touch controls. If AV technology is easy and intuitive to operate, it will be used properly.

Production and Studio Technology

Designing professional studio environments for the production and transmission of high-quality AV formats.

Signal Management and Streaming

Professional control and distribution of audio and video signals from different sources via different channels, stable live transmissions.

Project Management

Whether for construction or relocation projects: We record inventories, organise processes and coordinate trades. Our experts know exactly how to manage projects, which become much more relaxed, stick to schedule and hit budgets.

Illumination and Lighting Environments

Carefully coordinate illumination to enhance the atmosphere and the impression created by a room for a special event or usage scenario – in ways that match requirements and enhance efficiency in use.

Room Acoustics and Sound Reinforcement

Overwhelming sound experiences in concerts or perfect speech quality for conferences – always individually matched to the application and customer needs.

2D/3D Visualisation and BIM

Visualisation tools and intelligent methods for optimised planning and construction of buildings, rooms and infrastructure.