Christian Bozeat Speaker at Smart Building Conference

The Smart Building Conference, at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre (The Forum / E102),focuses on the latest technologies and business case studies for intelligent offices, houses and buildings. It takes place every year on the eve of the ISE. Speakers include some of the world’s leading experts in the field, as well as opinion leaders from suppliers and end users of professional audiovisual equipment. This year’s 9th edition of the conference is dedicated to the topic: “Making Buildings Smart, Making Smart Buildings”.

Smart Buildings need a smart approach

Christian Bozeat, Managing Director of macom UK, explains in his lecture “Smart Buildings need a smart approach” the necessity of a strategic approach for the realization of Smart Buildings. For example, it is a mistake to only deal with operational and user requirements at the start of construction. It would be better to bring all stakeholders together right at the start of the project. In his presentation, Bozeat will show which ways and strategies there are to achieve this.

When: 4. Februar 2019
Where: RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre (The Forum / E102)

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