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Work stages in accordance with HOAI – exploit the benefits

Thanks to the HOAI, the federal statute dictating the scope of services and fees for architects and engineers, you can plan projects with certainty.

Benefit from this today. As an engineering firm, we base our media technology planning services and construction projects on the guidelines laid down by the HOAI. For example, this covers different work stages.

Overview workstages HOAI

How the HOAI helps you:

  • certainty regarding project schedules: each method and individual component of a service is defined in detail.
  • cost certainty during planning: cost estimates are based on technical designs
  • you can hire services on a modular basis, according to each individual stage of the project
  • as the client, you can be given an overview of each individual phase of the project at any time

Ask the experts!

Benefit from the wealth of experience of the engineers at macom at every stage of project delivery:

  • Basic analysis and preliminary design (HOAI LP 1-3)
  • Detailed design and tender preparation (HOAI LP 5-7)
  • Site monitoring (HOAI LP 8-9)

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