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macom AV technology design

  • Presentation technology for meeting and conference rooms
  • interactive AV technology for shops and brand spaces
  • Acoustics and lighting technology for events and event venues

AV technology design: We design your AV technology projects – fast, manufacturer-independent and customized to your requirements. Rely on macom’s expertise in AV technology design in more than 2,000 planning projects.

Planung Medientechnik: Meetingraum von macom

With our simple macom project method and our defined specialist design processes, we guarantee you the best planning results for your AV technology projects. We keep time and cost plans, support the tendering process and also take over the interface management to the other project participants.

The result: Relaxed project workflows and rooms that are customized to your needs and requirements.

Do you have a larger project? macom offers additional services.

You have several rooms for which the presentation and AV technology have to be designed? On request, we also create technology and operating concepts for all rooms and the AV technology used. Our engineers know all products, systems, manufacturers and service providers. We can evaluate strengths and weaknesses, quality and prices individually and neutrally.

You have questions concerning a particular project?

macom services in the field of AV technology

Meeting and conference rooms

Perfect for professional meetings and conferences: we plan meeting rooms of every shape and size – individually tailored to your room and user requirements. In doing so, we always make sure the AV technology is easy to use and efficient to operate.

Video conferencing and co-working solutions

Interactive AV technology makes it so much easier to collaborate and agree ideas with others. Make use of professionally planned, expertly integrated video conferencing facilities and co-working technology. As well as ensuring you get the best possible images, our engineers plan your systems to deliver ultimate speech clarity supported by interactive user interfaces that make collaboration simple and efficient – wherever you or other parties are located.

Creativity and innovation labs

Creativity and innovation labs can act as a hotbed of innovative development and help safeguard the future of your company. With the right interactive AV technology, labs play an active role in keeping your digital work and innovation processes moving forward.

Brand centres and customer experience centres

Interactive brand centres inspire customers and inject emotion into brands. It’s becoming increasingly important to use the power of AV technology to set the right scene. Planned and designed professionally, such centres are also efficient and adaptable to use. Tap into the know-how of macom in planning and running your brand environments.

Flagship stores and city showrooms

Flagship stores and city showrooms provide a communication instrument that can play to the experiential side and emotional value of a brand, acting as a standard-bearer in your retail strategy. To transfer digital and interactive concepts successfully to all kinds of locations, our engineers plan your installations to add instant impact, also ensuring all facilities are scalable and efficient to roll out and operate.

Corporate exhibitions

Bring the history of your brand and company to life. We set the stage for your company history with interactive, informative and emotion-packed installations that work in harmony and match your rooms or occasion to perfection – either as a temporary installation or for more permanent use.

Training centres and seminar rooms

The media systems used in training centres and seminar rooms are central to successful knowledge-sharing. With the right AV technology, teaching or staff training can be brought to life with modern instruction methods. What’s important is that instructors find the technology easy to operate, that all information is easy to access from anywhere and equipment is of the right size and format. The engineers at macom also place emphasis on ensuring everything is low-maintenance and efficient to operate.

Lecture theatres and laboratories

When lecture theatres and labs are networked properly, they simplify research and teaching by providing quick access to required information and by linking up research results. Not only does this make collaboration more efficient, it also makes the process of knowledge sharing more effective.


AV installations and exhibits that inject life into stories of past times, yet are totally easy to operate and efficient to run: the engineers at macom provide your creative exhibition concepts with fundamentally reliable AV technology. To do this we plan every step of the process until every system actually goes live, also thinking about the long term – because smooth operation is central to safeguarding your investment.

 Event locations

Event locations must be adaptable to all kinds of events and occasions, so we plan AV systems and facilities to be open and versatile. That means they are versatile in terms of lighting (which adapts to different illumination scenarios), versatile in terms of sound systems (for different types of events) and versatile when it comes to running the very latest formats of digital video (thanks to clearly defined interfaces for connecting up with external equipment).

 Convention centres

Reliable AV technology that’s easy to operate and efficient to run – and can be set up in modules, controlled centrally and stays open to external systems: the AV equipment planned by macom gives your convention centres a genuine USP, with everything from digital signage to sound systems, lighting solutions and interactive presentation equipment.

Trade fairs and corporate events

Specialist planning for trade fairs and events: it’s crucial in such areas to ensure processes run smoothly and every element of AV technology is tailored to requirements. Our engineers provide you with specialist planning services right down to every last detail, from initial drafts to equipment disassembly after events – so everything passes off without a hitch and the burden is taken off your shoulders. Drawing on our wealth of experience with events, we also ensure all of the solutions we provide you with are sustainable.


From in-room entertainment to digital signage systems in the lobby or presentation equipment in conference suites – AV technology plays a crucial role in convention and meeting hotels. Hotel chains gain particular benefit from the AV standards developed by macom, which ensure all installations are uncomplicated and efficient to operate. This helps safeguard the optimum, cost-efficient implementation of your development projects.

Broadcasting and TV studios

At macom, we develop creative and innovative concepts for state-of-the-art and often highly complex broadcasting facilities and TV studios. Our engineers take every single requirement into account, especially if it has a bearing on the spatial and technical sequences of your editing and production workflows or your transmission infrastructure.

Digital signage – the quickest route from A to B

Modern AV technology makes it so much easier to get to the right place on time. From door plates that can be reserved digitally to large format displays: our engineers at macom plan every last detail of end-to-end digital signage systems, which can also be integrated into your safety systems and fire protection equipment, and dovetailed with your corporate identity.

Digital information systems – the right information, presented and communicated in the right way

Digital information systems are an interactive vehicle of corporate communication. Focussing on clearly defined objectives, our engineers at macom design technical systems based on AV technology of the highest standard to place a clear emphasis on the customer. This ensures everything is straightforward to operate and any important content that needs displaying is easy to manage and edit.

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