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Professional project management for efficient project implementation

We keep your projects on track, from work stage 1 to 9. Drawing on a wealth of experience gathered on over 1500 successful projects, macom offers you a unique treasure trove of expertise across Europe to ensure your project is a complete success. This ensures your projects stay within budget, adhere to quality requirements and meet deadlines. Trust the experts.

Professional project management for efficient projekt implementation

Professional project management is what construction projects are all about. They involve so many overlaps and interfaces – and there are so many interdependencies between each tradesman – that if any single aspect is mismanaged it can result in expensive delays and planning errors that eat into resources. The best way to secure success is to tap into the professional project management offered by the experts at macom – at every stage of the project. We have the experience it takes to pinpoint overlaps and define points of coordination, understand all requirements and plan all necessary schedules to ensure the project is completed as planned. Thanks to our expertise, we also know about any unexpected requirements or ‘known unknowns’. We request key information early, process it and ensure it is handed on to the right people – before extra costs are incurred.

This provides added benefits for you: the experts at macom have their own, tried and tested procedures that ensure you benefit from absolute transparency, especially when it comes to quotes, costings and project implementation. We will also ensure everything adheres to quality requirements as each pre-defined milestone is reached.

The macom experts manage your projects from work stage 1 to 9

We support you with:

  • planning how to organise the project, defining the overlaps and interfaces between the building owners, customer stakeholders, architects and tradesmen, and also producing content for ongoing operation
  • coordinating plans with overlapping tradesmen – from concept design to preliminary design, authorisation planning and of course the detailed planning of actual implementation
  • site monitoring during fitting and construction, including going live and commissioning, plus transition to regular operation

The benefits to you:

macom offers you access to a vast range of experience and expertise in AV technology projects, from small one-off projects for medium-sized companies to flagship projects for major corporations, hotel groups and public bodies. We know (and have experienced) all the things these projects involve, spotting and overcoming difficulties before they even arise. Our in-house processes ensure everything about the project runs smoothly, giving you absolute transparency with respect to project quotes, our costings and the actual services we provide. We also take care of all quality aspects of your project.

Ask the experts:

macom is:

  • a leading expert in implementing AV technology projects, with unique experience throughout Europe stemming from over 1500 successful projects
  • a professional, specialised planner who ensures all overlaps and interfaces are managed smoothly at all stages of a project
  • an experienced provider of project management services in the construction industry, with clearly defined processes that ensure every deadline, budget and quality requirement is adhered to

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