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Optimum sound quality thanks to detailed acoustics planning

Draw on the advanced acoustics know-how of macom and achieve optimum sound quality in indoor environments – thanks to professionally planned room acoustics and carefully considered sound concepts.

Akustik-Planung von macom

Acoustics are key to the success of any room concept. Not only is it important to consider the sound quality of areas like event rooms, but thought also has to be given to sound insulation in offices and work environments. What’s important is that the acoustics are fine-tuned to the intended use of rooms. Success is not just down to the right sound quality or amplification. The first consideration – around which everything else revolves – is how acoustics work within the room. Not even the best sound system can compensate for bad acoustics. This is why it’s important to start considering the acoustics of a room at a very early stage of project planning.

Proper acoustics planning is always worth it

Professional planning really starts to pay off when you hear superior quality in all its glory, such as at an event or concert – or when speech suddenly becomes clearer and more intelligible in video conferences. Especially if it’s an open-plan office, clear acoustics can have a major impact on the working environment and concentration. And ultimately this is reflected in the motivation and productivity of everyone. Putting plenty of thought into the acoustics early in a project helps avoid expensive changes further down the line.

Benefit from the acoustics know-how of the experts at macom

Build on the advanced know-how of macom in the area of room acoustics and electroacoustics/amplification:

  • we assess the acoustic properties of your rooms and evaluate current building projects
  • working alongside your architects, we provide advice on the right design options and surface materials to deliver optimum acoustics
  • we plan sound systems and electroacoustics to achieve the optimum match with planned usage scenarios of each room

 Ask the experts:

  • we take the acoustics into account early (ie, during the preliminary design stage), coordinating concepts with your architects to prevent costly planning errors.
  • we plan your room acoustics by systematically going through every detail of your requirements and electroacoustic simulations.
  • we plan your electroacoustics and sound efficiently to match all solutions to the operational requirements and usage scenarios of your rooms

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