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Reduce operating costs, secure investments, increase quality, increase productivity

macom Managed AV & IT services – secure operation and efficient support for your AV technology installations


Your investment in future-proof AV technology has been made, your communication and collaboration possibilities are improved – but how do you ensure that operations run smoothly, the technology is always ready to use and your investment pays off? What measures do you take to guarantee your users the perfect level of support when questions and difficulties with the new technology arise? AV technology projects do not end with the installation! Only when you have successful operation can you secure an ROI and ensure user acceptance in the solutions.

Why should you outsource the operation of your AV technology to external experts?

  • IT departments today often lack the time to focus on the modernization and development of their own IT hardware and software infrastructure. Routine tasks take up more and more time, tie up resources and lead to project stress. For these reasons, many enterprises already have outsourced managed IT service providers, whose task it is to free the existing IT department from the swamp of routine tasks.
  • AV technology is another completely independent area of responsibility, the responsibility for which is now increasingly being transitioning to the IT department. AV can be divided into the essential continuous modernization and further development of company-specific AV standards and the support and operation of the technology. As a market-leading technology consultant, macom can support your organisation in defining and developing your AV standards or operational support in conjunction with the hardware solution designs and standardisation.
  • Movin to macom support allows your IT staff to focus entirely on their core tasks.

IT service management supports your technology, macom managed AV services supports the PEOPLE!

The macom managed AV and IT services ensure your RoI by:

  • Professional  quality and specific AV Operations Management from day one
  • High user satisfaction thanks to constant availability and improved time-to-productivity in all meeting rooms and technology rich spaces
  • increase in quality and productivity in all processes supported by AV technology
  • cost reduction in operations through clear responsibilities and defined billing models

macom offers fully tailored packages for the operation of your AV technology. Adding individual services when you and your organisation require, you can increase the services flexibly.

More than 70% of the costs within the life cycle of AV systems are incurred during operation and not during installation and commissioning. Importantly AV systems only develop their full benefit in the course of operation providing added value in terms of productivity.

What does this mean to your organisation? AV technology projects don’t end with the installation, operation defines success or failure. Without professional management and defined processes, many organisations do not reach their optimum performance.These imprtant points are the reason why many organisations already rely on the AV operations management provided by the macom experts.

Please use our contact form if you have any questions on any area of AV support and we will get back to you immediately.

Do you have any questions? Use our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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