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macom Lifecycle method for optimal AV/IT infrastructure

To configure, plan, implement and operate your AV/IT equipment optimally, take advantage of the macom Lifecycle method – our integrated strategy, planning and service management method that provides cover for the entire lifetime of your AV/IT equipment and digital technology solutions – from the initial idea to continuous improvements and ongoing innovation.
macom Lifecycle for optimal AV/IT organisation

Optimal support for your AV/IT system – throughout its service life

macom Lifecycle stands for continual support with every aspect of your AV/IT infrastructure and systems, spanning all phases of service life. The experts at macom offer a comprehensive service package over the entire lifecycle of your equipment from a single source – from consultation and initial ideas regarding preparations for your project, to detailed planning, implementation management, all-inclusive service management during operation and actual everyday use.

The benefits to you:

  • improved usability and user acceptance – systems are tailored precisely to relevant usage scenarios and user needs
  • optimum productivity and more rapid return on investment –equipment is easy to use and intuitive
  • perfectly planned and implemented AV/IT equipment, the ideal basis for smooth operation and a high level of availability
  • guaranteed economic viability – high productivity and availability levels are maintained right up to EoL thanks to a comprehensive service package

Ask the experts:

macom Lifecycle begins with the very first ideas, developing a concept that is optimally tailored to your usage scenarios and the requirements of your end users. Next comes detailed planning before macom issues invitations to tender for the project, only awarding contracts to external AV/IT systems integrators with the required know-how and experience. Once the macom experts have ensured everything is working in terms of property monitoring and transferral into regular operation, they also provide support for your project during operation. This safeguards optimal use and running of the equipment, plus high levels of availability, thus maximising any potential to make continuous improvements. Of course we also keep a constant eye on costs, placing emphasis on pinpointing any practical alternatives and carefully assessing risks stemming from complexity.


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