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Standardisation and certification of AV technology saves money and simplifies operations

Standardising and certifying AV technology and its key components makes it possible to establish uniform AV infrastructures across the whole company. As well as saving money, this simplifies operations and buying – and raises user acceptance.

AV/IT-Zertifizierung und Standardisierung für einheitliche Infrastruktur

The AV technology, infrastructures and equipment used by companies, hotels and universities change and move forward continuously. Operational outlays and overhauls are key cost drivers, especially in more expansive AV environments. To reduce expenditures, make budgets more watertight and ensure that technical setups match requirements, the experts at macom help you standardise and certify all kinds of AV technology, from individual components to entire systems and infrastructures – all in keeping with operational requirements and, of course, customer expectations.

 The macom experts

  • capture and log user requirements across the entire organisation
  • define standards and system profiles
  • put processes in place to make it easier to evaluate or procure products
  • certify individual components or entire systems according to pre-defined standards
  • draft deployment guidelines and operating models for introducing and using AV technology

Standardising and certifying AV technology pays!

When people first start using AV technology that is part of a uniform infrastructure across the whole company, the benefits of this approach soon become clear. An effective infrastructure spans hardware components and software, with everything matched to the requirements of all other elements within that infrastructure. And this improves usability. How? Meeting rooms, for example, all use the same technology and are equipped with uniform control systems – regardless of location. The technology is also easier to operate because standardised components are easier to maintain. By storing descriptions of existing systems, complete with technical specifications, it becomes easier to buy replacements and make an objective assessment of new product ideas.

Unique to our certification methods: the macomLAB testing facility

Take advantage of our very own macomLAB innovation hub and certify your AV technology. Our labs have been set up to offer ultimate flexibility, offering ideal conditions to test and try individual components as part of a networked system. Our experts can also test entire solutions under realistic parameters. Not only does this provide you with the ease of mind that components such as displays, video conferencing systems and auxiliary software match your individual requirements, you can also be sure that they dovetail and interact properly with others.

 Ask the experts:

  • a leading technology expert, macom helps you standardise your AV technology and infrastructure, providing comprehensive certification of your components, fully in keeping with requirements
  • we set up scalable AV infrastructures that are ideal for all kinds of projects involving large volumes of AV data
  • macom documents all user requirements, your required system properties and technical specifications; this simplifies buying, especially for replacement components, providing purchasing departments with welcome support and even making it easier to evaluate product innovations
  • we enhance usability with an immediate impact on user acceptance thanks to uniform technical infrastructures, systems and operation

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