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Operational concepts from macom – safeguarding the long-term productivity of your AV technology

AV technology boosts collaboration in co-working spaces and injects emotion into branding. But without clearly defined operating parameters, usage drops and with that, so does productivity and the value gained from a system. The operational concepts offered by macom safeguard the value added by your AV systems in the long term and maintain productivity.

AV/IT opertional concepts for productivity of your AV technology

For AV technology that serves requirements and keeps operations running efficiently in the long term

You can bank on the operating concepts provided by the experts at macom – for all kinds of AV technology projects:

  • based on your individual usage scenarios and user requirements
  • planned in close cooperation with your in-house IT experts
  • taking all requirements, existing and future processes, and system environments into account, then working through them clearly
  • planned with the future in mind, for requests for proposals that conform with buying requirements, hand in hand with an objective
  • basis for selecting suitable service providers

The operational concepts provided by macom add real value

The operational concepts provided by macom benefit you by raising the availability of your AV technology in the long term, promoting productivity and boosting user satisfaction levels over the entire life cycle of your systems. This makes it easier to plan operating costs, giving you the security you need with respect to efficient processes, responsibilities and maintenance schedules. Everything revolves directly around user needs and the best possible way to support everyday use, improving acceptance and thus raising productivity and the value added by your systems. The operating concepts provided by macom also provide you with the solid foundation you require to manage AV services efficiently further down the line.

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