DRIVE: Volkswagen Group Forum, Berlin

Audio-visual excellence at the heart of the German capital

VW Drive Forum: Preisgekrönte Medientechnik

Award-winning AV technology
Spectacular presentation of the VW Group brands

The new overall concept behind the forum – which used to be called Automobil Forum and is located right at the heart of Berlin on the Unter den Linden boulevard – is to bring together the highlights of the twelve corporate brands of the Volkswagen Group on a 4000 sq m display area.
The forum includes a variety of multimedia features and is the ideal location for spreading international marketing campaigns and illustrating innovations in everyday mobile situations – such as intelligent driving assistance systems or visualising topics of the group in the course of changing exhibitions.

The forum makes it possible to bring key brand messages to life and has proven to be particularly effective at capturing the imagination not only of visitors but also of passers-by.

VW Drive Forum: Emotional brand staging by permanent high-quality AV technology
VW Drive Forum: Optimal platform to illustrate the brand presence

The AV technology in the exhibition areas and conference rooms is part of a high-quality fixed installation which is flexibly expandable and is offering a variety of ways to showcase brands and organise different kinds of event formats.

The ideal infrastructure for the brand presence of a worldwide leading car manufacturer.