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AV technology enables collaboration with visitors

Interaktive Markenwelt Porsche Museum

Exhibition in motion
New AV technology installations excites visitors

Interactive experience Porsche Museum: Porsche touch wall

Oversize 16-square-metre (172 sq ft) Porsche touch wall

  • 20 seamless full-HD 55 inch LC displays with a total resolution more than 41 megapixels
  • Access to nine decades of Porsche history comprising more than 3,000 pictures, drawings, posters and ads
  • Via an interface with the historical archive, new content is imported and displayed fully automated on a daily basis
  • The touch wall responds to visitors via a camera-based racking system and a touch overlay
  • Content can be controlled by multiple visitors simultaneously via touch surface
Worldwide unique at the Porsche Museum: Sound installation "Porsche in the Mix"

Worldwide unique interactive sound installation “Porsche in the Mix”

  • In 3 so-called sound showers visitors can experience the distinctive engine noises and compose their own music track with them. Afterwards, they can email their track home
  • Visitors can interactively chose a car model which is shown on a LED wall with more than 9 square metres in size
  • This is accompanied by the typical engine noise which can be complemented by other car noises
  • All sound bites are based on original Porsche vehicle noises