AUDI CITY: Showroom in a whole new dimension

New multimedia possibilities of presentation

Audi City: Showroom mit multimedialen Möglichkeiten der Präsentation

Digital Presentation
Interactive collaboration with the customer – worldwide

A car showroom with almost no cars in it? With its ‚Audi City‘, Audi AG is showing us how.

The novel showroom concept, that has already been realized in several city centres of some major cities worldwide, focuses entirely on new multimedia features for product presentation. To this end, Audi is now investing more in AV and digital technologies at the heart of the city rather than shell out money on extra floor space, as it has done in the past.

Audi City combines digital innovation with the prime features of attractive urban locations.

Audi City: Multimedial product präsentation
Audi City: Interactive collaboratio with the customers through digital presentation - worldwide

At the centre: a digital, life-like display of all cars bearing the four rings – all on wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor video screens or so-called power walls. The high-performance technology has been chosen to allow for plenty of different options and more flexible use of the available space, and as such, it is nearly invisible to visitors.

In doing so, Audi is setting a new car industry benchmark in terms of product showcasing. macom is supporting Audi on this new road with extensive audiovisual technology planning.