Spectacular birthday: 350 years of Merck


macomNIYU takes over the technical direction of the anniversary celebrations


350 Jahre Merck: 360°-Projektion im Kuppelsaal © Merck KGaA

For the 350th anniversary of Merck KGaA, one of the largest ever built dome tents was built, which served as a venue for numerous large and small events. The highlight was the anniversary ceremony on May 3rd, 2018 with about 900 invited guests and the Deutsche Philharmonie Merck. The macomNIYU engineers took over the technical consulting and management of the trades lighting, audio and video as well as EDP, broadcast and livestream. A 360°projection and sonication was installed. The planning of the experts included a total of 25 projectors, 30 cameras and 253 intelligent spotlights.

Extremely high demands on operational reliability


Due to the location on the factory premises, special attention had to be paid to operational safety. That’s why the plant safety and fire brigade were always involved in the planning. Thanks to the consistent pursuit of perfection and the great technical expertise of the macomNIYU experts, Merck KGaA and its guests were able to experience a successful and impressive ceremony.

350 Jahre Merck: Kuppelsaal

macomNIYU services

  • Consulting and planning of the ceremony with regard to lighting, audio, and video technology, EDP, broadcast as well as livestream.
  • Technical management on site during construction, rehearsals and the ceremony.
  • Overall coordination of all technical trades
  • Detailed planning for camera and broadcast van concept
  • Detailed planning of EDP infrastructure
  • Communication concept including emergency command