Clear structure and dynamic content convey added value for users

The new website of macom GmbH has been online since 22-11-2017. With a more user-friendly layout, a new content structure and a lot of dynamic content the new website offers optimised access to the company, its services and the more than 20 years of industry experience of the macom engineers.

The external basis of the new website is a clear, clean structure that renders the site extremely user-friendly. The layout is structured clearly, the page is not cluttered and large-format images support the high-quality look. All these things provide optimised access to the benefits and services of the company.

The website has transformed also content wise. It is meant to be „not only a business card on the web, but a living page that regularly provides new and high-quality professional information“, explains Martin C. Wagner, Marketing Manager of macom GmbH. So the new website is not just an online showcase for scant presentation of services. It offers added value to the user in different ways. For this reason, dynamic content has been given higher priority than before – news and references e.g. constantly inform the user about current projects and trends.

Complex content presented in an easy-to-understand way

The biggest challenge: presenting the complex solutions and services of macom GmbH as clearly as possible. Here, especially the feature of the macomBOX has to be emphasised. It makes the many-faceted macom services tangible and understandable. Designed and structured clearly it illustrates the expertise and services of the company and helps to orientate oneself in the comprehensive service portfolio.

However, the comprehensive expertise does not just have to be understood, it needs a forum. That’s why the website informs not only about projects and services – in the macom AV technology Blog, users receive additional information and background knowledge on current technology trends and the ongoing developments in the AV market. The dynamic content is topped off with event announcements for events that bring the added value of the macom services to life.

Corporate change and expanded service portfolio as a trigger

The redesign was triggered by the fact that customer requirements and technological possibilities are changing rapidly. Accordingly, macom GmbH has developed very strongly over the past two years. In addition to a consequent technology scouting the new website has included extended consulting services and service features according to customers’ needs and is addressing new customer groups – all of which is now reflected in the new website.