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Nestlé, the food and nutrition experts, are now presenting themselves in a new light in their recently opened communication building in Frankfurt. macom was selected to design and plan the project, providing a range of sophisticated audiovisual concepts.

Most business communication processes are fast-moving and subject to continual change, both inside and outside the company. Nestlé is using its recently constructed competence center in Frankfurt to demonstrate just how such processes can be customized and made more efficient, especially with the right media, technology, and content management in place.

Nestlé is one of the world’s biggest producers of food and beverages. The new competence center at its German headquarters in Frankfurt was designed to convey all of Nestlé’s areas of expertise, with a focus on food, nutrition, and consumer behavior. From the outset, the vision was to create an interactive communication platform revolving around future needs. The idea behind the competence center was to create an interactive, futuristic communication platform that really engages visitors, giving them the chance to discover the Nestlé brand and find out more about the company’s extensive know-how by speaking to them on an emotional and intellectual level.

The new building spans three floors and it provides the company with a knowledge platform for employees, customers, and business partners to find out more about the values held by Nestlé and its specific areas of expertise. Overall, the new competence center offers 1,500 square meters (16,150 sq ft) of floor space equipped with the very latest multimedia technology. The ground floor features a gift shop, the third floor has fully adaptable conference rooms, and the second floor offers the main multi-channel communication area, where people can easily exchange opinions on a variety of topics and gain inspiration.

The specialists from macom, all of whom are experts in advanced communication technology and media systems, won the pitch process and were subsequently invited to design and plan the rooms. This of course included plans for the modern presentation and media technology to be used in the rooms, plus a variety of adaptable multimedia exhibition installations. The architects at Heller Design in Stuttgart planned the integrated layout of the space.

The audiovisual systems macom designed for the conference rooms, such as the projection technology, displays, and control systems, were designed to be as adaptable as possible so as to accommodate a variety of usage scenarios. Most of the hardware required media control units to be installed and these can be found on all stories of the building. Almost all areas of the center also feature vertical and horizontal multi-touch displays. All of the multi-touch displays are based on high-spec applications with a strong focus on process technology.

Interactive multi-communication area on the second floor

The multi-communication area on the second floor is the building’s centerpiece. It’s an area where people can explore information and gain inspiration – a modern space with a very unique design.

Thanks to the multisensory concept underpinning this space, it offers a whole host of digital technologies that invite interactive collaboration. It’s an ideal place to develop and document topics in workshops, customer presentations, and exhibits, and then integrate these in shared processes. The area can even be used for larger events involving up to 220 people. As such, the facilities present a suitable venue for press conferences and conventions. If required, visitors can also book the conference facilities on the top floor.

In terms of the hardware provided by macom for the facilities, the room includes three large, mobile media units with 50” touchscreens, complete with audio systems on the front and back. These were designed with adaptability in mind. A 15-square meter touchscreen or “powerwall” is located in the center. This is complemented by a double-screen wall with fold-down whiteboard elements on both the right and left, as well as a giant projector, a projection screen, and audio equipment that can be positioned throughout the room to provide further communication options.

A core feature of all front-end systems: interactive presentation

One fundamental aspect of all of the interactive exhibits at the Nestlé Competence Center – and a feature that is pivotal to the entire software concept in the building – is an intuitive and interactive presentation system. This comes with a high-end content management system. The aim of the multi-touch-compatible software used in the system is to provide users with a made-to-measure presentation and working environment as part of what has been coined the Future Work and Meeting Space.

The CMS platform includes a broad variety of media material from across the Nestlé corporation, such as video content, PDF files, texts, hyperlinks, images, and PowerPoint presentations. These are fully editable and are automatically distributed via the network through a client server. This server shares content with each individual element within the system or with each exhibit. Users can access content as required through the interactive multi-touch screens on the second floor. Content can also be accessed through the huge powerwall, which measures 5 by 3 meters.

“macom’s experience and recommendations – particularly regarding the highly flexible and easy-to-use CMS – proved invaluable throughout the project.”
Michael Lomberg I Nestlé Center of Communication, Frankfurt

Presentation software that is powerful yet simple to operate

The system introduced by macom was selected based on a detailed assessment of software options. The interface displays clearly structured key data in a way that appeals to users, including a facility to switch between English or German, a function for sharing information with visitors and anyone else using the facilities, and an integrated option for accessing web content. The system allows Nestlé to enter media content and data during live operation through a central access point within the CMS. Content is then available within minutes and no previous knowledge of programming is required. Aside from allowing users to interact with the presentation screens and the content management system, one key function of the software is to control the actual media.

Efficient use of equipment and budgets. One room, seven usage scenarios.

The underlying concept for the Future Work and Meeting Space was designed by macom to allow users to pick a usage scenario that matches their individual requirements for the display area. The system offers preconfigured settings for controlling the media and working with the content. Settings can be entered via a mobile device, in this case a tablet PC. Depending on the desired function of the room and the user’s authorization level, digital content can be accessed in three different modes: exhibition mode, detailed presentation mode, or a training mode for teachers.

Detailed information that does justice to Nestlé’s own high standards

Another interactive media element in Nestlé’s new multi-communication facility is a 65” multi-touch tabletop with integrated RFID functionality. Simply place any Nestlé product packaging on the surface and the table recognizes the RFID chip inside the pack. It then provides more information about Nestlé’s high quality standards and users can interact with the content via the multi-touch display.

Continuously updated Nestlé news from across the globe

The multimedia experience also includes a special social media wall. This is a series of six screens, each measuring 42”, which provide an integrated display of information from social media content and web news relating to the world of Nestlé and topics relevant to the industry. A special function allows for controlling content on the six screens and selecting the web information for each display. The screens can also be used as one, merged together for a large combined display covering the entire area.

The media units featured in the center was developed especially for the Future Work and Meeting Space. Each element can be moved around as desired and specially designed cavities under the floor boards are used to supply media with data and a power source. This makes it extremely easy to set up different arrangements and position equipment in different parts of the room simply by pushing modules around. Each of the three media units is equipped with a 50” multi-touch display on the front and the back, and each screen is operated through a computer concealed within the unit. As a result, devices brought to the center by visitors can easily be connected. It’s a great way to keep pace with modern trends for using content, such as requirements like bring your own device (BYOD).

The new communication center allows Nestlé to offer its customers, business partners, and employees a modern vehicle for experiencing the company brand, simultaneously showcasing its values and visionary ideas. Thanks to the support provided by macom experts in the design and planning of the audiovisual systems, it was possible to create a unique communication platform – a new center that underscores the high standards set by Nestlé, both in terms of innovation and technology. Simultaneously, the center also reflects the high expectations macom sets for itself. As such, it can be seen as a shining example of the modern media technology available for the work and meeting spaces of the future.

An adaptable area that can be used for your own events:

You can also rent the facilities at the Nestlé Competence Center for your own events, for example for creative workshops, customer events, special evenings, and exhibitions.

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