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Standardised room environments save costs and increase the usability

Standardisierte Raumumgebungen sparen Kosten und erhöhen die Usability

The implementation of future meeting spaces and innovation labs are posing challenges for IT managers. The complexity of the AV technology systems is high. Often, the uniform standards usually known from IT, are lacking. In a patchwork of software and hardware solutions from a wide range of manufacturers, user-friendly operation must be made possible and operational IT security standards must be adhered to. AV system standards for work, meeting and collaboration rooms simplify implementation, operation and service.

In the macomLAB, test areas for future meeting spaces, collaboration areas, coworking rooms and huddle spaces are installed. In the macomLAB we have optimised the interaction of solutions from numerous hardware and software providers with regard to interfaces and usability. On this basis, standards are created that can be transferred to other environments.

Defined AV/IT structures for your specific use cases

This standardisation enables defined AV/IT infrastructures which are tailored to user and innovation requirements, scalability and IT security. Users receive unified interfaces and structures across locations. Thanks to these standards, the room environments can be integrated into the IT infrastructure via intelligent operating systems and management systems. This prevents media disruptions in the content flow and the workflow and increases usability. The operation and service are facilitated by remote control and remote service. In addition, standardised environments are easier to extend and renew.

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