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The macom engineers and consultants are also trendscouts. We capture the current and future developments of IT, AV technology and digitalisation. In our blog, we will tell you what impact these developments have on you and your work processes.

Benefit from the expert knowledge of the macom engineers and consultants in our macom AV technology blog.

Update: Professional touch screens

Three quarters of a year ago we published our overview of the current touch technologies. At this year's ISE and InfoComm there were some further developments. We don’t want to withhold them from you. That's why we have updated our blog entry. ...

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Strategic approach for future workspaces

Digitisation changes requirements on working environments Digital transformation is fundamentally changing the way we work and thus our working environments. Why is that? What are the triggers? And how can we derive a sensible procedure from this to...

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AVoverIP for communication spaces

Pre-defined requirements for IP signal transmission systems facilitate selection AVoverIP is becoming increasingly important. Thus, the number of providers also increases. Therefore, the choice of the right system is getting increasingly difficult. It is...

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These are the ISE trends 2019 – part 3

Our third and final ISE trend blog post deals with the developments in wireless presentation systems and image processing. In our video portal you will find video interviews presenting the outstanding solutions of ISE 2019. Wireless...

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These are the ISE trends 2019 – part 2

Our second blog post on the technology trends from ISE deals with developments in interactive solutions and Visual Collaboration. In our video portal you will find video interviews with the manufacturers. In the videos we present the...

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These are the ISE trends 2019 part 1

With more than 81,000 visitors and almost 1,300 exhibitors, Integrated Systems Europe 2019 once again set a new visitor and exhibitor record. In our blog series we will show you the relevant ISE trends 2019. macom took 45 of our experts to Amsterdam in...

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UCC systems: an overview

Technical solutions for communication and collaboration in meeting spaces   From sending short text messages and group videoconferences to working together on digital whiteboards, the technical possibilities for interacting with other people in...

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How to purposefully choose and apply collaboration tools

Collaboration tools: purposefully choosing and applying media assistants The changes in Industry 4.0 are demanding ever more collaboration within offices across project teams and between departments – within companies as well as cross-company. More and...

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The relevant ISE trends 2018 – Part 3

The topics of the last part of the macom expert review ISE 2018 trends are AV management and room booking systems. In addition, we venture an insight into the significance of ISE as a source of inspiration for the event sector and event technology with our...

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The relevant ISE Trends 2018 – Part 2

Welcome to the second part of the macom ISE trend report 2018. This time we'll be talking about AVoverIP, Digital Reality and LED. In all three areas, a lot has happened since ISE 2017. Where many solutions were still in their infancy last year, real...

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