macom Business Innovation Team develops new service products for AV specialist planning

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Stuttgart, 11.10.18 -The Business Innovation Team (BIT) is the new innovation centre of the macom Group. Since March 2018, the BIT has supported the macom project teams in the implementation of customer projects. The innovation experts are also developing new service products, such as the macomSCOPE consulting process, the monthly technology trend report and the digital reality applications macomROOM and macomVIZ.

With five employees under the management of graduate in business administrations Christian Schweizer, the BIT is based at macomLAB in Eislingen/Fils near Göppingen. „macom BIT is a part of the growth and innovation strategy of the macom Group. We have brought together technology and process experts with a business background. Technology alone no longer solves problems today. It’s the processes that are simplified, made more flexible and more efficient through the targeted use of technology and thus offer our customers added value. It is no longer enough to be “just” a technology expert,” explains Björn Jensen, Managing Director of the macom Group, about the founding of the BIT.

Changing market requirements call for new solutions for AV specialist planning

AV technology planning projects have undergone major changes over the past ten years. The digital transformation has accelerated technological development, while at the same time giving technology a strategic component. Today, technology selection for customers has a direct impact on the achievement of business goals, as technology in the rooms becomes a productive part. This requires a new consulting approach for digitalisation projects.

In order to be able to offer customers optimal planning results, specialist planning expertise alone is no longer sufficient for specific projects. „Companies must be supported at an early stage when there is no specific project yet. Especially on the corporate workspace area comprehensive consulting is necessary. It’s no longer just about technologies but about corporate goals, strategies, work processes and communication cultures that need to be supported by media technology,” explains Christian Schweizer.

macomSCOPE captures customer requirements and provides a basis for decision-making

“That‘s why we at BIT have developed the macomSCOPE consulting process. The aim is to harmonize the wishes, needs and requirements of the planned use cases and later users with the technological possibilities in the run-up to a planning project,” Christian Schweizer describes the new procedure in the macom Group. The result of macomSCOPE is a valid decision-making basis that offers managers planning security and accelerates the subsequent specialist planning.

Our regular technology trend scouting is also important for macomSCOPE. We constantly monitor the AV/IT market for new technological developments and check these for their benefit for use cases and customer requirements. We coordinate our activities directly with manufacturers and give them feedback. In a monthly trend report we inform our subscribers and our project teams about the results”, Christian Schweizer describes another BIT product.

New types of customer contacts require new consulting strategies

Digital transformation has given media technology planning projects in many companies a strategic component. „Therefore, we often have to deal with new contacts on the customer side. Where we used to talk to project managers about concrete projects, today we talk to CIOs or CDOs. These are usually not experts in AV technology, but managers. They have a different kind of prior knowledge and require different decision bases“, Christian Schweizer explains. Here it is important to visualise the results and benefits of digitalisation projects. For this purpose, the BIT developed the digital reality applications macomROOM and macomVIZ.

macomROOM offers responsible AV technology departments a tool to easily market AV standard room concepts in their own companies. The macomROOM application is based on a specially developed engine that contains all elements of the customer rooms and can be called in real time, comparable to an auto-configurator. Offices, interactive workspaces and innovation laboratories are brought to life in early stages of the planning phase. This helps to find the right room type. The software can configure and visualise planned rooms with mixed reality glasses, tablets or notebooks in real time. This accelerates the planning process, facilitates customer decisions and creates more transparency for the planned implementation.

macomVIZ is based on the same engine, but in contrast to macomROOM it does not serve to visualise standardised environments, but offers the possibility to display individual environments such as retail and event areas in different variants.

Moreover, almost weekly the BIT also supports expert workshops with German DAX companies and leading medium-sized companies such as Daimler, L’Oréal, Merck, Porsche, Schaeffler, Volkswagen and ZF for the development of digitization strategies and the evaluation of collaboration technologies.

Press photos:

macom_BIT_1.jpg: Christian Schweizer (r.) and the BIT team use the macomSCOPE process to gather user requirements and advise on digitisation projects.


macom_BIT_2.jpg: macomROOM visualizes customer projects already in early planning phases and thus facilitates customer decisions.


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