macom extends test laboratory for digitalisation projects

The AV technology laboratory macomLAB in Germany near Stuttgart is the premier place to go for leading international companies to develop digitalisation strategies and evaluate collaboration technologies. Almost every week, macom experts hold workshops with the responsible executives of companies such as Boston Consulting Group, Daimler, Fidelity, L’Oréal, Merck, Porsche or Volkswagen. Now, macom has expanded the area of the macomLAB from 120 m² to more than 160 m² by an executive briefing area, a digital reality application, a co-working room and a huddle space and thus expanded the possibilities.

„Many companies are still struggeling with the demands of digitalisation. If concrete digitalisation projects are to be implemented in workspaces, we often see that the large variety of technical solutions and the concern about a lack of ROI are an impediment. This is where the macomLAB comes in. There, companies can test agile work and innovation processes with the help of interactive hardware and software. That way, they can find suitable solutions for their own processes and workspaces. “, Oliver Mack, managing director of macom GmbH explains the advantages of the macomLAB. „The LAB and our work in it are two of the reasons why we were recently voted Germany’s most innovative IT and communications service provider by Focus Money and Deutschland Test”, he emphasizes.

Read the whole story in our current press release.

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Das macomLAB ist der herstellerunabhängige Innovation-Hub für das Erleben, Testen und Entwickeln modernster Präsentations-, Kommunikations-, Interaktions- und Kollaborationssysteme.

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