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Modern working environments are pivotal to productivity

macom provides you with important support in the inception, planning and implementation of new working environments at your company.

Overview macom services for modern workspaces

We advise – so that your modern workspaces are put to optimum use

Firms need modern working environments that help simplify processes and facilitate more efficient work. One of the key tools that allows you to network activities and work flexibly is AV technology. Whether it’s in conference rooms, training facilities, innovation labs, collaboration areas, or even event areas, show rooms and canteens, the right technology makes it easier to interact and exchange information quickly. But to work, indoor environments and the technology they involve have to match individual requirements.

Modern working environments are pivotal to productivity

We plan – tailoring the right technology to your specific working environment

To make the best possible use of any working environment, you have to start with the right concept and plan workspaces accordingly. Everything is based on matching the technology to the key requirements of the people who will eventually use different rooms. macom also plans operational parameters to provide users with an inexpensive entry point, ensuring operations run smoothly with high levels of availability.

We manage – ensuring projects progress quickly and operations are efficient

Drawing on the skills and experience of our interdisciplinary team – which includes no less than 50 engineers and consultants, all specialised in a specific field – we support and advise you on setting up your new working environments. Thanks to a unique treasure trove of AV know-how, underpinned by an in-depth understanding of advanced technologies and processes, we are the perfect business partner for managing your projects, overlaps and interfaces.

Ask the experts:

macom is:

  • a professional technology consultant for concept planning and defining the objectives of new working environments
  • a leading technology expert who is independent of manufacturers, to deliver the best possible communication and collaboration solutions
  • a highly experienced specialist planner and project manager for all kinds of AV technology involved in construction projects


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