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Interactive learning environments for universities and training centres

AV technology has an amazing ability to simplify education and the process of learning itself. macom will help you implement solutions that are efficient, sustainable and stand the test of time.

Overview macom servicesfor universities and trainings centres

We advise – keeping education and training programmes in tune with modern times

Whether it’s about interactive presentation technology in lecture theatres, networked seminar rooms, optimising acoustics to make every syllable comprehensible or providing e-learning recordings that are easy to produce: the AV systems used at universities and training centres are central to successful knowledge-sharing in research and teaching.

Whether or not an investment is successful largely revolves around how wisely budgets are spent and whether the technology is based on long-term usage scenarios. We make sure everything is built around the right assumptions even before the project gets underway. We do this by creating an operational concept that works with the various scenarios of everyday university use. This makes it easier for you to select the technology that is right for sustainable use in lectures.

We plan AV technology for lecture theatres, seminar rooms, training centres and any other area where knowledge is shared digitally

Place your trust in the planning expertise of macom as a specialist in university environments. Our engineers are experts in:

  • cross-campus operational concepts and AV solutions
  • providing support with fundraising
  • lecture theatre solutions and laboratory booking systems
  • AV engineering for lecture theatres, seminar rooms and laboratories
  • lecture theatre networks and streaming solutions
  • e-learning solutions and lecture recordings
  • campus information systems, guidance systems and signposting
  • room acoustics and electroacoustics
  • video and sound studio systems
  • campus TV and radio
  • AV management systems
  • buildings automation and FMS connections

Our planning and consulting services take the specific nature of your location into account as well as your actual technical requirements. As an impartial project manager who is independent of any particular provider, we only focus on one thing: the benefit to you. Our aim is to install individual and perfectly matched AV systems that support a variety of teaching and event formats.

Interaktive Lernwelten für Hochschule und Bildungszentren
Medientechnik für Hörsäle, Seminarräume, Bildungszentren und die digitale Wissensvermittlung

We manage – ensuring projects progress smoothly and remain efficient in the long term

Thanks to our wealth of experience working with universities, we understand your requirements and how your processes work. Whether it’s a beacon project or a modernisation programme, macom brings all the different project partners around one table, overseeing each part of the process and coordinating all parties and tradesmen. This ensures every deadline is met and every budget is adhered to. Our cross-campus operational and service concepts also ensure that your systems keep working without a hitch and are virtually always available without interruption.

Ask the experts:

macom is:

  • a professional technology consultant for concept planning and defining the right objectives for your teaching and research environments
  • a leading technology expert who is independent of manufacturers to optimise all kinds of teaching environments
  • a highly experienced specialist planner and project manager for all kinds of AV systems used at universities – from new buildings to existing facilities

Benefit from the macom services for your universities and training centres.

macomBOX: all macom services at a glance

In our macomBOX we’ve pulled all our services together: precisely defined, modularly structured and easy to choose for you.

Experience future workspaces at the macomLAB:

macomLAB is the non-proprietary innovation hub for experiencing, testing and developing state-of-the-art presentation, communication, interaction and collaboration systems.

Outstanding projects by macom

Outstanding macom projects

State-of-the-art AV technology in action: extraordinary consulting and planning projects of innovative work, meeting and brand spaces.

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