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Technology and application scenarios for cultural events and event locations

For your project to succeed in the long term, it must be built on the right foundations. Not only does the architecture have to establish a good starting point for future projects, all technical facilities have to be state of the art and, ideally, future-proof. At macom, we excel in delivering concepts that keep pace with unexpected developments and push the boundaries of technical feasibility – not only matching the expectations of visitors, but also those of the event organisers.

Overview macom services for locations for the arts and cultural events

macom provides professional advice on future-proof operational concepts and technical solutions

One of the most crucial factors with event locations – from conference centres to concert halls and even entire trade fairs – is adaptability. Time is money, especially if staff only have a couple of hours to shift things around and make changes before the next event. Our experts draw on a wealth of experience in the events industry, ensuring every aspect that affects your concept is intuitive and adaptable to all kinds of requirements. The solutions we provide are state of the art, providing you with future-proof infrastructures and adaptable AV signal management to allow you to react quickly to any kind of new challenge.

We ensure that all aspects of the IT architecture dovetail perfectly with existing systems, providing system-wide control and monitoring mechanisms so that even the most complex infrastructures will remain maintainable, reliable and foolproof during operation.

The solutions we come up with put everything in place for optimal, smooth workflows, paying particularly close attention to aspects such as operational reliability, ease of maintenance and reasonable operating costs.

We plan integrated technical systems for event locations

Modern theatre and event centres have to meet a number of requirements, from state-of-the-art stage technology to lighting, universally adaptable amplification technology, projection systems and video equipment. At macom, we ensure that everything is made to measure and works in harmony, from the AV control technology to AV signal management, recording systems, broadcast connections, stage management systems, control technology and a whole host of other technical features.

Other core elements of a successful technical solution include the right digital information and control system, which if necessary can be integrated into communication systems with features such as oversize LED screens and information terminals.

We prepare and plan all key technical equipment for your event location – basically taking care of everything from the planning process itself to invitations to tender and of course any aspect of the construction process which could have an impact on audio, light and video systems, including related infrastructures:

  • concert halls and event halls
  • theatres and playhouses
  • community halls and municipal rooms
  • convention centres
  • multipurpose halls and exhibition halls
  • corporate event locations
  • hotel complexes and dance halls
Medientechnikkonzepte für Kultur- und Veranstaltungsstätten

We manage processes for you – ensuring projects progress smoothly and remain efficient in the long term

Our planning services ensure every penny you spend is put to the best possible use. The systems you acquire will already be future-proof when they’re set up, a perfect match with the intended purpose of your facilities and staffing arrangements.

Ask the experts:

macom is:

  • a professional advisor on integrated systems for your event location
  • a highly experienced specialist planner and project manager for all kinds of event technology used in the arts and themed locations
  • an independent technology expert on end-to-end solutions, for use at perfectly organised cultural and art events

Benefit from the macom services for your art, cultural and other events

macomBOX: all macom services at a glance

In our macomBOX we’ve pulled all our services together: precisely defined, modularly structured and easy to choose for you.

Experience future workspaces at the macomLAB:

macomLAB is the non-proprietary innovation hub for experiencing, testing and developing state-of-the-art presentation, communication, interaction and collaboration systems.

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