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Film and TV production, editing facilities and broadcasting

Planning media and production houses involves a whole host of requirements, each with an immediate impact on room layouts as well as any technical infrastructure needed to manage editing and production workflows. Setting up broadcasting rooms and studios properly – and putting the right transmission infrastructure in place – takes a detailed understanding of buildings and technical facilities, not to mention the fundamental production processes that underlie the ultimate output.

Overview macom services for film & TV production

macom provides advice on room concepts and technical infrastructures used in media production

Modern media and TV production now involves trimedial processing and broadcasting, so this factor has to be integrated into your solutions. And everything has to be flexible enough to deal with extended infrastructures further down the line. All technology must work in harmony with the room design and architecture – and vice versa. So each individual studio has to be planned ‘from the inside out’ to ensure it works as an integral part of the overall building.

We plan and develop functional systems, room programmes and concepts for all kinds of AV technology used in production and broadcasting studios. We also work on technology used in IT-based editing facilities and production systems. Our consultants become integrated members of your internal team, working alongside your experts to understand all processes and requirements. These are then translated into planning modules and operating concepts.

Verlässliche technische Infrastruktur für Film- und Fernsehproduktion
Management für den optimalen Projektablauf und einen nachhaltigen Betrieb

We plan – production and studio systems for editing facilities, the systems acquisition, processing and transmission

We provide support to architects and project managers, working on preliminary designs and more detailed implementation plans to deliver important input on the building and room acoustics, appropriate technology and key processes. As the project moves into implementation, our technical experts help in all kinds of areas to ensure your project is a success:

  • Film and TV studios
  • Video and audio post-production
  • Production facilities used in theatres
  • Music production studios
  • Recording direction in concert halls
  • Three-way media production environments
  • Web-based media services
  • Grading, CGI, SFX and mastering suites
  • Transfer and encoding
  • IT-based production systems
  • Server and storage solutions
  • Workgroup management concepts

Storage infrastructures play an important role in managing the growing data volumes now encountered in digital production and archiving environments. Not only does data have to be kept safe, it also has to meet the required performance criteria. This entails planning appropriate storage space, access scenarios, security measures and archiving concepts. All of this must work hand in hand with suitable IT systems to provide a solid foundation for future success.

We manage – ensuring projects progress smoothly and remain efficient in the long term

Ensuring media content, information and data are of sufficiently high quality and in the right format to be transmitted and broadcast (without loss) is central to any professionally planned and reliable operating concept. Bottom line: you need a state-of-the-art technical infrastructure that is 100% dependable. To ensure that’s what you get, we help you determine the right solution and integrate this into your setup.

Ask the experts:

macom is:

  • a professional consultant for room concepts and infrastructure projects
  • a leading technology expert in optimising all kinds of studio and media production environments – independent of manufacturer
  • a highly experienced specialist planner and project manager for studio construction and infrastructure projects involving media production

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