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Fascinating brand centres that provide an extra USP

Interactive brand centres inspire customers, inject emotion into brands and can provide a link between real customer touchpoints offline and your instruments of omnichannel marketing. If they’re planned and designed properly, they are also efficient and adaptable in use. Tap into the know-how of macom in planning and running your brand centres.

Overview macom services brand spaces

macom provides advice on brand centres that inspire your customers and boost sales

Brand centres, flagship stores, city showrooms, image suites or innovation venues – these are the kinds of locations that play to the experiential side of your brand, providing a communication instrument to convey its emotional value. From oversize LED screens to store signage systems and digital information points – AV technology allows you to create captivating installations to showcase your brand and inspire visitors. But to work effectively and achieve the required impact, indoor environments and the technology they involve have to match individual requirements.

We plan – delivering the ideal solution with the appropriate technology for your brand centre

To make the best possible use of your brand centre, you have to start by developing the right concept. Our approach is to understand how installations will work during normal, everyday operation, looking at your ideal individual requirements to ensure that everything is planned and designed properly – and of course that the right technology is selected. At macom, we also provide you with an operational concept that maximises system availability and keeps operation simple and efficient.

Fascinating brand worlds deliver a USP

We manage – ensuring projects progress quickly and operations are efficient

Drawing on the skills and experience of our interdisciplinary team – which spans no less than 50 engineers and consultants, all specialised in a specific field of AV planning – we support and advise you on setting up your new brand centres. Thanks to a unique treasure trove of AV know-how, underpinned by an in-depth understanding of specialist disciplines and methods, we offer you the perfect business partner when it comes to managing projects and different parties.

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