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The benefits of digital AV technology

Digital transformation is changing our lives and changing the world of work. The technology behind media is interactive, connecting people everywhere and weaving information into networks – all around us, in places that are both real and virtual. The physical places, usually indoor business environments, are becoming gates to the digital world. They make work flows and innovation processes smoother, they inject brands with emotion, they provide detailed insights into customer requirements, they share information.

But to work, the right strategies are needed and the infrastructures, setups and technology have to align precisely with individual requirements, processes and staff. And to do this, advice is needed from business consultants with the right technical and planning expertise, or support is required from specialist planners of AV technology – experts who know and understand the key strategic priorities of the business, as well as its processes and structures.

Ask the experts:

The experts at macom are here to help. Allow us to guide you on the journey as you transform into a digital organisation. As the leading consulting and engineering firm in Europe in the field of digital transformation and advanced AV technology planning, we provide you with the help you need to design and plan your strategy and then implement your AV technology projects – from initial concepts and the overall strategic direction to the intricate detail of planning, support when construction is underway, and of course ongoing support during normal operation.

Benefit from our expert know-how in the key fields of digital transformation:


Modern working environments – pivotal to productivity

Brand centres

Fascinating brand worlds that deliver clear USPs

Universities and training centres

Interactive AV technology that simplifies teaching and the actual process of learning

Locations for the arts, cultural events and other events

Technology and application scenarios for cultural events and event locations

Hotel and catering firms

AV and information systems in the hotel and catering industry

Film and TV production

Space and technology planning for media production

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