AV operations management:

macom provides your complete AV operations management of your existing service organizations:

  • Central point of contact (SPoC) for all AV topics in regular operation
  • Support on the basis of a service flat rate, can be adapted and extended according to requirements
  • Service report 1 x a month
  • Minor service reviews on demand
  • Availability on working days, extension according to requirements
  • Defined resolution time frames according to your specific requirements
  • Additional adhoc and tailored support with individually bookable services

Individually bookable services:

  • AV asset management: Management of AV assets and existing documentation within the macom service management platform with direct access for AV managers and authorized service providers
  • AV help desk:  AV hotline and service portal offer a central input channel and direct support for AV technology users. Ticketed issues are tracked and documented end-to-end.
  • AV roll-out management: Central coordination and quality assurance for the roll-out of standardized AV technology (install, move, add, change)
  • AV standardisation & service improvement: Proactive identification and coordination of improvement potentials and measures on the basis of data from operations management.
  • AV asset monitoring: Connection of the AV assets to the macom service management platform with central monitoring of the integrated devices and proactive error management.

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