AV Care Desk

macom consultants have worked with yyou during the concept design, technical design and installation of your new AV technology? We can now remain your competent partner even after completion of the construction project in the operation of your AV systems.

The macom Care Desk is the best way to move in to operation providing you with a total care guarantee for the transition phase into regular operation and onwards.

  • macom already is your contact for AV consulting and delivery management from your construction project
  • macom AV Care Desk offers the ideal support during and after the transition phase from the construction project to regular operation.
  • You have a single point of contact for all questions regarding the new technology (SPoC).
  • Following the completion of your project you still have complete access to the macom AV technology specialists and our entire knowledge base from the design process to help you ensure increased productivity from day 1 of operation.
  • Technical issues with the new technology are analysed and user acceptance is tracked in monthly service reports and improvement measures can be initiated where required.

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